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So, My Hometown is Completely Flooded

Geoff Wood

It's a little surreal watching the national news broadcast live from your hometown every night and compare it to post-Hurricane New Orleans.

I haven't lived there for more than ten years (since I moved to Ames for school) and luckily my immediate family no longer lives their either. I have nothing against Cedar Rapids, in fact, I'd be fine if we end up back there at some point in our lives. However, it is good that we're not in the house we grew up in anymore.

Our house is (was) on Ellis Blvd near N Ave. The map below shows the distance from our house (A) to the Cedar River.

As you can imagine, my neighborhood is completely underwater. Here's a visual from the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

The caption for that picture says it was taken on O Ave between 8th and 9th (B), which is just around the corner from our house (further from the river).

Here's another from further down Ellis Blvd.

We lived in that house through the floods of 1993 and had water in the basement but the streets stayed dry. Not so much this time around.

Here's a story about the efforts on my (old) street: Mike Hlas: Our neighborhoods, our cities — our fight.

Both pictures are from the Cedar Rapids Gazette Online.

Saturday AM Edit: The Register published this picture in front of St. Patrick's Catholic Church this morning. My youngest brother went to daycare at St. Pats.