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Iowa Gamma History

Geoff Wood

I was googling this afternoon and came across the information below on googlebooks. It was written in 1913 in the fraternity newsletter, The Scroll. Googlebooks had imaged a copy of the entire volume from 1912-1913 that they found in a library in New York.

The text is written by Charles F. Lamkin, then a past president of the General Council of Phi Delta Theta, who was part of the installation ceremony for our chapter:

The men at Ames are older. They have a deliberate purpose. Ames is wrongfully called a "cow college" by some who do not know. Grant that it is-the men who are there in the departments of animal husbandry and dairying are men who are preparing their life work. One of our men there is the son of a man who imports Perceron and Norman horses by the ship load. Every voyage brings him a fortune in great stallions and brood mares. Is it not as high purposed to study the conservation and management of livestock as of bonds or machinery? The men at Ames are not flashy. They do not wear the latest agony in the way of clothes. They dress simply, live quietly, work hard. They are men who represent the best in the middle western-north middle western would he the better word-states. They are the men who are building the great commonwealths in the Mississippi valley. They are the captains of hundreds and of thousands who will guide the great agricultural army in this granary of the nations. Among their alumni are engineers, editors of agricultural papers, bankers, stock men, electricians. There are all sorts of men in the Iowa Gamma at Ames except failures. They do not make that sort into Phis there.

It is unwise ever to essay the role of a prophet. But if the future can be judged by the past, if the boy is the father of the man, the men of Colorado Beta and of Iowa Gamma will always be worthy of the trust committed to them by the Chicago convention(1). Lawyers, physicians, college professors and presidents, ambassadors of the King of Kings, may be expected to come from about the altar we have set up under the snow capped Rockies (2); bankers, business men, experts in electricity and agriculture, architects and editors and engineers, from the great college on the Iowa plains. But though one may be mistaken in his guess into the future, while the authority on forestry may come from the mountains and the St Francis Xavier from the plains, yet one thing is sure and that is that the men at Iowa State and at Colorado are filled with love for the Fraternity and with devotion to the Bond, and that they have determined without swerving or hesitation, to follow that path marked at once by honor and by duty that is the surest way to prosperity and happiness.

The Fraternity, not the new chapters, is to be congratulated. Buildings, equipment, endowment, faculties, we have in the two new colleges but better than all that we have men.

1. The Convention where the charter was approved for both chapters. 2. Random information is about the installation at Colorado College, which was around the same time.