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Eh, another Super Bowl has come and gone

Geoff Wood

In continuing a tradition that has lasted my entire life, the Minnesota Vikings did not choose to participate in the biggest sporting event of the year.

The two teams that did participate were of little interest to me but did cap off an interesting cultural phenomenon.

You see last year, the hometown Colts won out over the Chicago Bears from up the road. Throughout the playoffs, Super Bowl week, and post win, the Circle City was abuzz with Colts fervor. People all over town hosted mega-Super Bowl fiestas, people stood out in the cold for hours waiting for an anti-climatic parade/pep rally, and even I wound up with a team "Super Bowl Champs" team photo.

This year, eh, nothing. No real excitement, no anticipation, nary even a Super Bowl party amongst our friends.

It's really interesting to observe both the high and low points of a city around such an event, especially having grown up in a State with no pro teams.

I struggled with which team to cheer for. I tried but I couldn't come up with a worthwhile connection/reason to cheer for the Giants. However, other than the D'Amico family, the famed Tea Party and two specific players(1), I have a general distaste for all things Boston. Eh.

As far as looking ahead to the next year, I think the Vikings have a lot to build upon. To start, Adrian Peterson won rookie of the year and probably should have received the top rusher award, too. He's the face of the franchise and a great player to build around (we could probably do with a WR or two...and maybe a better a QB). Secondly, the Vikings beat the crap out of the Super Bowl champs! In late November, a couple weeks after the debacle against Green Bay, the Vikings went into New Jersey(2) and took the would-be champs to the woodshed 41-17.

(1) Randy Moss and Ellis Hobbs (2)It's weird they play in New Jersey