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Trishelle on OnCourse?

Geoff Wood

Each of my MBA classes has a companion intranet portal setup for resources, assignments and the like called OnCourse. OnCourse has its flaws but for the most part its a good tool that I use almost daily.

When you access the portal the startup page always has some sort of photograph. At one point I believe all pictures were originals shot of IU students, staff and faculty. However, over the last year they started adding in new pictures that appear to be commeric
ially produced with models and such(1).

Now, I'm the type of person that sees a new character on a TV show or movie or even a random person in a commercial and immediately trys to figure out what else I've seen them in. Usually, I can place them pretty quick in some other TV show, movie or commercial and all is right with the world(2).

So, it's no surprise that one photo caught my attention and peaked my interest:

Isn't that Trishelle from MTV's Real World Las Vegas? You be the judge:

(1)I've seen a few crop up on other websites. (2) is a good resource for those times I can't figure it out.