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Mr. Wood Goes to Washington, Part 3

Geoff Wood

Sunday morning started oddly when I awoke and looked across the room to the other bed to notice that Nick was missing. However, there was an odd stain on top of the still-made comforter and Nick was huddled in the corner of the room with the fake blanket that nice hotels tend to leave at the foot of the bed. I'll leave it up to you to decide what happened but Nick blames on the fact that he was awake for 20+ hours with all the travel and the late night, eh, "festivities" the day before.

I decided to get dressed and get the heck out of the room. Thanks to Matt & Jane, I had a handy schedule of the wedding events of the day and I knew that I had to be at the rehearsal at 11:00, that pictures were scheduled for 3:00 and that the wedding itself was at 5:30. The night before Matt had told Nick and I that we didn't need to wear our tuxes to the rehearsal but that we should bring them and change at the reception hall before pictures. Rather than have to keep track of two sets of clothes through out the day I made the executive decision to just wear the tux to rehearsal. I figured I would look a little funny on the Metro but I'd get past it.
Once Nick woke up, he shared my opinion on the schedule and donned his tux as well. 
Shortly before 11:00 the two of us and Hope took the red line from Bethesda up to Grosvenor-Strathmore to rehearse. When learned shortly after we arrived that we were the only two who had gone ahead with the tux. Further, we learned that the rehearsal was only a few minutes and that pictures had been pushed back to 4:00. In other words, we were five hours ahead of schedule, had plenty of time to kill, and looked like we should be serving drinks at the rehearsal rather than participating in it. I'm not sure how we got our signals crossed but everyone else figured out they didn't need tuxes and we quite out of place.
We then took the train back to Bethesda, took off the vests and bow ties, put on more comfortable shoes and headed back to Tommy Joe's to eat mini-burgers, drink way to much Diet Coke and watch the Vikings play just a bit better than the worst team in the NFL.(1)
In order to make the pictures we had to jet before the end of the game and hurry to reassemble our tuxes. 
I kept track of the game, that we somehow won despite ourselves, on the magical iPhone.
Back at the wedding we did the picture thing, Matt and Jane got hitched, and the reception was on.
The reception was held in the lobby of the Strathmore, just inside from the terrace where the ceremony took place. The reception was all sorts of fun, featuring free drinks, good cake, and great food. However, the highlight was the dancing. Now I'm not much of a dancer in any form and at most receptions I just forgo the practice all together...but not on this night!
I'm proud to say that not only did I dance, everyone danced. The floor was full almost the entire night and it was all sorts of fun. One reason may be that the music was courtesy of an iPod and not a DJ so there wasn't any of the normal wedding activities that are varying degrees of fun but tend to break things up (such as the dollar dance, chicken dance, electric slide, etc). 
People danced to the Counting Crows(2), which may have been a wedding first, to Rihanna and Flo Rida, and true-to-form, the crowd favorite was Mr. John Bon Jovi. Great people, great time, great wedding.
(1) Hope stayed back at the hotel to study. (2) See previous post on the importance of the Counting Crows