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Fictional Fraternities and W.

Geoff Wood

Hope and I went to see the Oliver Stone movie "W." tonight and I wasn't impressed. I'm not exactly sure why but I didn't like it. There are several reasons why but one of them is probably because early in the movie there's a portrayal of Bush as a "pledge" of the Delta Iota Kappa fraternity at Yale. 

However, Bush never joined such a fraternity and I don't think such a one exists at Yale, if anywhere. Bush, like his Father and Grandfather(1), was a member of Yale's Skull and Bones Secret Society. I have no idea why Stone wouldn't portray the group as Skull and Bones or at least as the same type of organization and I think that just irked me. I know the movie isn't a documentary but that's a fairly obvious piece of Bush's past to skew and since it happened so early in the movie I had a hard time enjoying the rest in the same frame of mind.

Speaking of dear old Delta Iota Kappa (or DIK), that seems to be a favorite name to drop on stereotypically fraternal organizations. Other DIK chapters can be found in the movies Can't Hardly Wait and Van Wilder.

(1)And, John Kerry (at the same time!) and bunches of other people in power.