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Gen. Colin Powell Endorses Obama-Biden

Geoff Wood

I don't post a lot of political thoughts on the ol'blog(1) but I wanted to take a few moments and draw attention to Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama this morning on Meet The Press:

As a Republican and former advisor to Reagan, the Chairman of the Joint Cheifs under Bush 1, and the Secretary of State under Bush 2, I think that his endorsement should draw some attention amongst undecided voters(2).

I should state that I'm a life-long liberal, though as I grow older I've noticed that my idealism has somewhat wained and I gravitate a bit more conservative (for instance, I will likely vote for Indiana's incumbent Republican Governor, Mitch Daniels). For that reason, I look closely at both party's moderates to view their opinions on such matters. Powell(3) is one of those, as was McCain, prior to his transformation to these staunch-right wing stances the last four years or so.

A couple things Powell said that are worth noting:
  • The Republican party has moved more to the right than he would like to see it
  • Palin is not ready to take over as President, which is the job of the Vice-President, Biden is.
  • Dissappointed at McCain's campaign focus on irrelevant issues, such as Ayres. McCain has gone too far and that is troubling.
  • The next president will likely appoint two Supreme Court justices and he's not comfortable with two additional rightwingers.
  • Other Senior Republicans are inferring Obama is a Muslim, which is both untrue and irrelevant, and that is being permitted by the McCain campaign.
  • In reference to all of this, and noting his own Army career, Powell endorsed Obama because of his ability to inspire, to be inclusive, to reach out across America; because of who he is, his rhetorical abilities, his style and substance; because "he has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president"; because he is a tranformational figure and a new generation on the world stage.
  • He also relayed a moving anecdote about a fallen soldier: Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan 
(1)There are plenty of political blogs out there if you're looking for that stuff. (2) I think it carries more weight than Lieberman's McCain endorsement due to its timing and his political-proximity to the GOP establishment. (3)Who I first learned about in middle school when I got his Desert Storm trading card in a pack at a Cedar Rapids Handimart.