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Mr. Wood Goes To Washington, part 1

Geoff Wood

My old buddy Matt finally married his long-time girlfriend Jane this past weekend.

Conveniently for us, the wedding was in Washington, DC. I've always enjoyed Our Nation's Capital and ever since we got engaged there in 2004 it's become an annual trip for the wife and I.

From Washington DC 2008

The wedding was on a Sunday(1) so knowing that we'd be taking a PTO day on Monday and we decided to stretch the trip out a bit and left first thing Friday morning. Our early departure time and direct flight allowed us to land, Metro to the hotel, meet Matt to grab my tux, try on the tux and Metro downtown by lunchtime. We try to hit up a new museum each time we're in the area and we bowed to the power of suggestion(2) and decided to check out the International Spy Museum. From there we walked over to the National Mall and hit up the National Museum of the American Indian, the newest of the Smithsonians. I'd noted the architecture on past trips and always wanted to check it out but had not had the chance. Now, my overall impressions are tainted a bit because we working on only a few hours of sleep, but I wasn't as impressed as I had been at Air & Space and American History. One reason may be that there just didn't seem to be that many exhibits in the place - a good section of the building was just a massive atrium. 
From there we took the Metro to Chinatown to meet up with my cousin Dave and his wife Katrina for dinner. They picked out the Matchbox "an american pizza bistro" known for a massive gas torch out on the patio. We were lucky to get a seat on the patio but unfortunately they had discontinued the torch to be more earth-friendly. Dinner was good, though, and we had a great time reconnecting with Dave & Katrina.
After dinner we called up Matt and Jane and found out they were having drinks at Irish pub in Bethesda just down the street from our hotel. We took the train and joined them for a Guinness or two before we called it a night.

(1)Washingtonians actually celebrate federal holidays so a lot of folks had Monday off from work. (2)Lots of International Spy Museum ads in the Metro