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Last Thoughts on Toledo

Geoff Wood

Not really my last thoughts, rather those of Paul Clark at, who wrote a good commentary on the crazy ending to the ISU-Toledo game that included the following note concerning a discussion he'd had with his son on the difference between playing the team in a video game and the way the team plays in reality:

"So this weekend - as we talk about the most recent ISU setback and why it shouldn't affect his quality of life, self-esteem or will to get up on Sunday morning - he pointed out he'd never lost a video contest on a bad punt snap that traveled over 30 yards in the wrong direction before coming to rest in the ISU end zone to be pounced on for the opponent's winning touchdown. There you go, I said, video games will never be that realistic. If a programmer ever built that scenario into a video game, he or she would be flagged for excessive sadism. If a programmer ever built ISU's myriad of historical ways to lose games into a college football video game, the rating would have to be changed to M. It just wouldn't be suitable for children."

Fair enough.