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What a bunch of bad football

Geoff Wood

I just turned off the Vikings game as the seconds ticked down to another loss. That makes my teams a fat 0-2 for the weekend. Sweet.

Actually, the two games were fairly similar. My teams, the Cyclones and the Vikings, both only had one win going into the weekend(1) and were playing on the road against teams with no wins. Both of my squads had the home teams on the ropes late into the second half only to lose close (ISU by 1, MN by 3).

The Vikings loss was mostly due to poor execution. The Cyclones was about freak plays.

Have you ever heard of another game were a team lead by 11 with 5 minutes to go then successfully stopped a fake punt and two 2 point conversions to lose by 1?

Following their last score the 'Clones gave up a kick return for a touchdown, stopped the two point conversion, were stopped by the opposting defense, had the punter fumble the punt and try to recover it rather than kicking it through the end zone for a safety thereby allowing the other team to recover it in the endzone for a touchdown, stopped another 2 point conversion, drove the ball down to set up the field goal only to have it blocked as time expired.

What's the worst part is we were at the latter game. The University of Toledo, our opponents in said game, is about 4 hours from Indy so it only made sense that we go considering that it's half the distance of driving to Ames for a home game. We hooked up with some Iowa State Phis living in Ohio and other Iowa Staters who made it up to the game for some tailgating. The lots supposedly opened 3 hours before game time but we made it in about 30 minutes before that and many Cyclones were already setup (and a Rocket fan or two).

Tailgating was a lot of fun as there were a fair share of Cyclone fans around. The day was beautiful and it was great to be outside. I had nice conversation with Ben Lamaak's grandparents telling them that I was also a graduate of Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

The game itself was frustrating, obviously, and it really felt like we should have won it. The stadium is considered "historic" as it was original built by one of Roosevelt's New Deal employment programs. It has weird stone/concrete walls on all sides that made it look like it was built to defend an attack from neighboring Sandusky (as long as those Sanduskan attackers had dark ages era weaponry). They had no security screening people as they came in which is very different than Ames. They may have been because there really wasn't anyone there. I read somewhere their highest attendance ever was about 36k fans, so assuming that's capacity there couldn't have been more than 15k people in attendence. They tried to make up for their lack of fan support by utilizing thos artificial noise makers were people bang two baloon things together. I typically associate those with Japanese baseball or Minor League Hockey, but it must be a MAC conference feature, too. NIU had the same several years ago when we went to the Cyclone game in Dekalb(2).

If anyone can explain why 1/4 of the Toledo fans were wearing Ohio State jerseys, I'd appreciate it.

One other thing, as we were walking back to the car after the game the Toledo "fans" behind us were having a discussion we just couldn't help but overhear. They decided that should probably come an hour or two early the next week and have a few beers before the game. After all, they would do that whenever they went to Michigan or Ohio State games and for Toledo they always hope to just get there by the end of the first quarter. Great fan base, I hope you enjoy your "hour or two" of tailgating in the future.

1. And one win coming out. 2. I'm 0-2 in away games against MAC teams and neither should've been a loss.