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Apparently Test Day is Casual Wednesday

Geoff Wood

Well, I'm through the first test. I'm not sure how I did but I studied more for this than any other test I've ever taken, save the GMAT(1). I won't know how I did until next Wednesday and I have no real idea at this point. I knew the answers to a fair amount of the multiple choice, guessed with some degree of confidence on others and then randomly picked an answer on the ones that were left. I'm more confident on the other part that resulted in a smaller number of points (coming from working problems out; I'm not sure that getting a good amount correct on a small number of problems is going to get me very far in this class). I'll have to work harder for the mid-term.

Speaking of multiple choice, I've always viewed that as the easiest and therefore most desirable type of test to take. I'm of that age that we were well prepped on test taking going back to elementary school. I read up on that last Spring when I took the GMAT. I understand how to utilize elimination to make the best choice and what to do when a question says "always" or "never". However, apparently part of being in an MBA program in one of the top 25 business schools in the country(2) is that you have to really know the concepts to answer the questions. Many of them were structured with five answers: three statements, followed by an "all of the above" or a "none of the above". Not so easy, my friend.

On to the original subject of this post - apparently test day is casual Wednesday. My cohort of 50 or so folks is usually primarily dressed in button down shirts and ties with the occasional Polo's with jeans or khakis combo and even the odd t-shirt and shorts set. However, many of us cancelled work this afternoon to prep and decompress before the test. I donned one of my favorite Cyclone t-shirt and cargo shorts and figured that I'd be a loner. However, I was not alone - I'd estimate that 30% of the class was dressed down. I'd think that it was odd but I'm learning that people willing to put themselves through this commitment have more than attire in common.

(1)Though I didn't think so at the time, Undergrad was pretty easy. (2)Kelley fell one spot down the rankings behind Krannert at Purdue in the US News rankings this year - people are pissed!