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13 Days 'til Iowa State v. Iowa

Geoff Wood

I was cleaning up the desktop on the home laptop this afternoon and re-found this awesome image:

"ArtGuyCy" on put it together a few years back.

Reminded me that its only 13 days until the annual "Super Bowl of Iowa". We're bringing Chad & Jackie back with us this year; they were impressed by the NU game last year and I'm guessing that this one may trump that (at least if it's anything like the contest between the two last time in Ames).

I know that the play against Kent State(1) didn't exactly live up to the hype that many of us expected for Chizik's first game but that's our fault. He was coaching pretty much the same team we had last year and, God love 'em, they still have a ways to go. I did see some things I liked amidst the bad.

However, if Chiz' is going to grab a game or two that he's not supposed to win, the Hawkeyes will be one of the most attainable. It's really a page from Ferentz' playbook(2) - win against overinflated names in their down year. Let's hope it happens (though I would surely take a UT or OU win in trade).

(1)I "watched" most of the game from my laptop in a hotel room in Charlotte, NC. The Big 12's not-so-great TV deal allows Fox to bar other outlets from showing games (even the ones they turn down) and ISU got around it by streaming the video board content (somewhat live, some replay - even "Band Cam"!) along with the Eric and John on the radio - good compromise! (2) Worked himself into an Orange Bowl and a lot of cash.