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High-Fives: Not Just for Kids

Geoff Wood

Something jumped into my head this evening when I was studying for my first MBA test(1): I "high-five" more now than I ever have. Not at work or in day-to-day social situations (like "The Todd" on Scrubs) but at football games, where we do it incessantly. I don't have any designs that this is "cool" whatsoever though it certainly doesn't feel out of place.

Really, it's become part of our superstitution. Any time there's a good play, we high-five the people next to us(2). If it's a really good play, we turn around and high-five the people behind us. What about a score? You guessed, its high-fives all around. Next to us, behind us, next to them, people a couple rows away, sometimes even the crazy-toothed random in the row in front of us (like most of Shaggy's first half field goals on Saturday).

I'm sure the "hip kids" do the that "fist pound" or whatever it is that Howie Mandel popularized in his OCDness.

But not us:

(Our gameday crew in Section 20)

If you're bored sometime I suggest reading Wikipedia's entry on the high-five.

Anyway, enough procrasting back to Chapter 7, thrilling titled "Reporting and Interpreting Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory"...

(1)Accounting; a class that has both novices like me and CPA's - guess who sets the curve? (2)You probably know them as "The Paisley's"