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My Own Private Hello Dave Show

Geoff Wood

Last weekend was the eagerly awaited Cystic Fibrosis benefit "Forrestor's Festiv-ale" featuring the music of Hello Dave.

There were eight of us (or eleven depending on your definition of "us") and none had ever been to the event in any of the prior years so we weren't sure what to expect. We knew that the tickets paid for food and drinks throughout the four hours and that the band would be there but that is about it.

We walked in and were each promptly handed a "tasting glass" which looked very similar to a double shot glass(1). The majority of the buzz was under a large tent were 40 some vendors had set up their wares. We started off with a marvel of modern food integration: samples of bacon cheeseburger's with a glazed donut for a bun. I think the full thing would have killed any one us but the samples were outstanding.

Over the next four hours we sampled many, many of Indy's(2) best foods and drinks (ranging from microbrews to domestics to imports). Highlights included Fort Wayne's Warbird Brewery and a somewhat girly lemonade-mixer (that I can't remember the name of) that each of the guys enjoyed. We tried countless others including the many Goose Island varieties, Heineken Light and a couple of brews by Trader Joe's. We even tried enough Miller Chill to know that even on firesale a case would not be a good idea (something I've feared ever since the Tequiza debacle at 509 Welch in the Summer of 1999). Other food hits included mini-carnitas burrito's from Chipotle (excellent) and wings from BW3's.

Speaking of Chipotle, the band was setup right behind them. Literally right behind them. There wasn't so much of a dance floor as the place the Chipotle guys were working and then Mike and the boys singing and playing. We snuck through the vendors and tried to re-create a mini-version of People's right here in Indy (and I think we did a pretty good job). We met a couple new friends - other Hoosier fans of Hello Dave and together we lamented the fact this probably wasn't the type of show the band was hoping for to make a surge into the City. The four of us sang along to every song (even the cover of Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane" with obvious local references) and our other friends filtered in and out as their interest waxed and waned. It pretty much turned into our own private show.

As the afternoon started to come to a close, we noticed that the combination of free drinks and "tasting glasses" made it hard to track our individual amounts of consumption. We paid a little for that later on but nonetheless it was a great time. Now if we could only get The Nadas to make a stop in Indy...

1. Extra wide not tall 2. Not necessarily "Indy's" since several were from restaurant chains