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They have the internet on computers, now!?!

Geoff Wood

As Homer(1) once said, "They have the internet on computers, now !?!". Apparently, the Hawkeye football team didn't realize that. I posted awhile back about social networking and how it's migrating from just an application for college kids to keep in touch without talking to a business tool that's infiltrating my little part of corporate America.

Well, apparently college kids in Iowa City are still using it. Earlier this week two Hawkeye WR were arrested on felony charges for charging more than $2,000 on unauthorized credit cards. When the news broke, people started searching said internet for information on the two and found their "Facebook" pages. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, it allows users to create their own profile, post their own pics and news, and connect to "friends". These two scrappy WR's took advantage of the pic posting ability to post pictures of themselves flashing stacks of cash and expensive bottles of hard liquor.

Evidence? Maybe not (though they're only 19 years old so the booze isn't legal) but surely it's something they knew was not a good idea and could reflect poorly on them, their team, their school and the 2,982,085 Iowans who are paying for their education.

Facebook and pictures with booze aren't unique to these idiots, the crack investigative staff at the DM Register found that plenty of athletes at ISU and Iowa have the same - they all aren't under felony arrest, though.

Oh, they did wise up and take down the photos - but you can find them pretty much everywhere.

While we're comparing felonies, remember when ISU player Jason Berryman was convincted of one and spent 230+ days in jail? He hit a kid and stole his cell phone and cash ($4). While he surely would've taken more if the kid had more on him, I'm not sure that his crime was anymore severe (albeit violent). It'll be interesting to see how this works out for those troubled yout's in Eastern Iowa.

At the time, there was a thought that the judge, who I believe did not take the prosecuters recommendation of a suspended sentence, had it out for Berryman because he was an Iowa Law grad and Berryman was a Cyclone star at the time(2).

The Hawkeyes, however, won't have to worry about any unfair treatment.

Matt Whitaker, U.S. Attorney for the Fifth District, which includes Johnson County, declined comment when asked if his office is investigating."I won't say anything about the matter," said Whitaker, who played football at Iowa from 1990 to '92.

They're also represented by a fellow Hawkeye:

"[Matt] Petrzelka, whose office is in Cedar Rapids, could not immediately be reached for comment. He was an offensive lineman for Iowa between 1977-80. He was captain of the 1980 team."

Doesn't anybody go to Drake Law anymore?

Speaking of Facebook, I joined a couple weeks ago just to check it out (I'm in college again, so it's permissable) and within two days had "friend" invitations from three girls who I went to high school with and had not talked to in more than ten years - connect people it does. I don't plan on inviting any friends but I'll check in from time to time to see if any other connections pop up.

(1)Simpson (2) I'm sure that had nothing to do with it.