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And now for a different perspective...

Geoff Wood

In contrast to the flawed Mr. Dodd, the blogger "The Guru" over at College Gridiron Boss, a blog that focuses on college head coaches, had a different spin on the Cyclones this season. In his Big 12 preview, he agreed with Dodd that we will likely finish with few Big 12 wins but had this to say about Cyclones:

[Cyclone Head Coach Gene] Chizik was the most underrated hire of this off season. He has had great success everywhere he has gone. For Iowa State to be able to land Chizik speaks volumes about the direction this program is trying to take. Iowa State may not show drastic improvement this season, but look for them to become a defensive powerhouse in the Big 12 in the years to come. Look for Chizik to have a signature win this season to signal his arrival at Iowa State.

I like that attitude much better. Let it be known that several folks at College Gridiron Boss have praised the Chizik hire all year long. Click here for some good reads.

Also, ISU annouced that we've passed 35,000 season tickets so far for this upcoming season. With less than a week to go, I'm not sure where we will top out but that is a remarkable achievement (surpassing the season ticket goal that was set for 2011 five years early).

Speaking of long term ISU athletic goals, they AD also released this update "We've Taken Some Big Steps" to last year's "The Next Big Step" long term vision. A few of the long term goals are accomplished, several are close, and with one or two we have a long way to go.