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We watched Superbad with Greg Oden

Geoff Wood

Hope and I went to see Superbad, yesterday afternoon, at my insistence. I thought that previews looked good and I've liked most of Seth Rogen's movies so far, so this one (billed to be a generational epic) had to be good, right?

Well, I thought it was ok. Hope didn't even give it that much credit. Others in the theater laughed hilariously. I don't if we're too old or if it was just the setting.

Actually, it probably was the setting. Earlier this summer we received Beerfest on DVD through Netflix and I watched most of it with Hope in the room (doing other things but somewhat paying attention). Like Superbad there were some funny parts, good oneliners, and the occasional laugh-out-loud-because-the-scene-is-completely-rick-diculous moments but overall it was disappointing. This latter movie was from the Broken Lizard group, so it wasn't an age thing.

On the 5th Annual Mid-Summer Get Together trip in Wisconsin(1) late last month, we caught the movie on HBO and found it hilarious. We actually watched it several times and still found it dumb and childish but somehow funnier. We even started dropping the oneliners immediately (Yah, take what is yours Grandpapa!). Now I'm curious if I would've even liked a single Kevin Smith movie if I saw Mallrats today rather than back at the fratter Freshman year.

Back to Superbad, the most interesting part of the movie was the fact that Greg Oden watched it with us. Greg Oden is superstar local product who has had ESPN televising his basketball games since he was in high school up the road at Lawrence North. He played one year at Ohio State (he was injured for part of it but came back just in time to play/beat the visiting Cyclones in Columbus) and then was drafted first overall to Portland a few months ago.

He was in line for tickets behind Hope and then came into the show behind us. No word on if he enjoyed the movie better than we did. We did follow him out and it looked like the Portland money has purchased him a new Cadillac Escalade. Not too unusual for 19 year old kids on Indy's northeast side but at least he earned that money himself.

(1)This started about 15 hours after we got home from Europe and hasn't been written about, yet.