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New Cyclone Helmets

Geoff Wood

ISU released the long awaited "fan vote" for new football uniforms today - only it didn't turn out to be a vote for the whole uniform rather just the hat.

I've said before that I'm apparently the only one who liked the all red Chiefs rip off uni's of the last few years. I thought they were modern (all one color) while still classic (the jersey style). The new uni's will be more old school which will take me some adjustment but I will buy into them in time. I'm not sure that I like anyone particular helmet over anohter. The block "ISU" is powerful and classic, the "I State" is unique (but looks to be adding yet another logo to a somewhat confusing arsenal) and the "Cyclones" script is a copy off a yellow helmet that I liked in the late 1980's.

What do you think? Click here for a whole lot of uni/helmet info