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Of Security and Taxes

Geoff Wood

Inside Indiana Business sent this out last week and I can't seem to resolve it in my mind:

Security Planned For Township Assessors' Offices in Marion County
The Marion County Sheriff's Department will send civil deputies to three township assessors' offices next week when the new property tax bills start arriving in mailboxes throughout the county. The bills are expected to be mailed on Friday. Many of the bills are expected to show hefty increases and Sheriff Frank Anderson says those assessors are worried about the reaction of irate property owners when they see the bills.

How crazy is that? Property taxes are going up so much that the County Sheriff (Marion County(1) is metro Indianapolis, by the way) is pre-dispatching deputies because they anticipate trouble? How do you let property taxes get that far out of whack that you need to make a singular increase of such proportion that you need police protection in three different townships?

An idea, good or bad, would be to eliminate the township level of government (1008 distinct geographic regions) in this state and see what effect that has on local taxes.

Speaking of taxes, we booked our flight from London to Rome on RyanAir (this discount airline in Europe) this evening. I thought we were getting a good deal - the fare was only 60 GBP (about 120 USD) for the both of us - but get this, the taxes were an additional 86 GBP (or $172). It was still a fairly inexpensive round trip for two but I was awed that taxes & fees could be more than the fare itself. Maybe, they have to post bobbies in the British tax offices, too.

(1) We live in Marion County, too, which makes this story even better. ;(