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Geoff Wood

A couple articles this weekend I'd like to highlight:

1. IndyStar: Time to Rethink Tinsley

Apparently the oft-hated Cyclone alumnus may fair better with the Pacer's new coach. Here's a section with a nice compliment to ISU at the end:

"Make no mistake, Tinsley can be reached. His coach at Mt. San Jacinto, John Chambers, did it. So did his coach at Iowa State, Larry Eustachy. In fact, the story of Tinsley’s decision to go to Iowa State speaks volumes.

He took his recruiting visit on a night when the Cyclones played a nationally televised game with Missouri. They stunk it up and Eustachy blistered his players at halftime and after the game. Tinsley saw it all firsthand, yet still committed.

Eustachy drove Tinsley hard in practice, too, wondering all the while if he would transfer before Christmas. Tinsley wound up staying for both of his seasons of eligibility, although he probably would have been a first-round draft pick after his junior season.

“I just liked how he was demanding,” he recalled once. “You want a coach trying to get the best out of you. That was the greatest thing I ever did, going there.” "

2. DesMoinesRegister: Cy takes down Razorback in battle of college mascots

In a NCAA basketball-tourney structured online contest Cy beat out 63 other mascots over the last several weeks. I voted several (hundred) times but realize that the contest is virtually meaningless. However, any positive press is good press and shouldn't everyone want their school to win? Thanks to the Register for doing as little as possible and making time to regurgitate the school's press release word for word.

3. AmesTrib: Former Cyclone great not about to give up on football

Troy Davis is really 31? Wow. Here's a good quote: ""I know that the fans miss me, and I miss them, too," Davis said"