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Brother Hoeppner joins the Chapter Grand

Geoff Wood

I was dissapointed to see this morning that the IU football coach Terry Hoeppner passed away from brain cancer. I never met "Coach Hoepp" but had followed his career lately. I first became aware of him in December 2004 shortly after moving to Indianapolis. I knew that he had recently been named the IU football coach and was coaching his last game for Miami of Ohio.

That game was the 2004 Independence Bowl against my Cyclones.

He lost that last game when future New England Patriots starting CB Ellis Hobbs III made an interception to seal the Cyclone victory. Shortly after that I began attending the Phi Delta Theta Alumni club socials here in Indy and found out that "Coach" Hoeppner was also "Brother" Hoeppner having pledged Phi Delt at little Franklin College here in Indiana. One of the main gentlemen involved in the club was Hoeppner's pledge brother at Franklin and always kept us up to date on how he was doing.

He only had a little over two years in Bloomington but was able to work enough magic in bringing the Indiana football squad to respectability that they pulled a major upset against the Hawkeyes last fall. Now, Iowa didn't turn out to be much of a team that season but the IU victory sure wasn't expected. He will first and foremost be missed as a man, because everything I've heard about him personally has been great, but the opportunity cost of losing him as a coach will most likely haunt the Hoosiers for some time.