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One Last People's Post

Geoff Wood

I sent a couple e-mails out to folks to make sure that they were aware of the blog URL change and was pleasantly surprised to hear back from several folks I haven't talked to in several years (Casey, Huff) or several months (Paisley, Pieper).

Each person brought up the People's posts. Huff was the first to respond and said that he was going to put a souvenir from that last night in the mail. Then came a note from Casey expressing her sadness at the event. Peiper was next in line with a note that, living in Denver, he had also missed the night but had a couple drunk dials from some AGRs(1) who were in attendance. Today, Paisley sent a note that said he had been in attendance with Huff and Batch and other Delt-folk and that they had attempted to appropriate a couple souvenirs(2) to no avail.

He did put something into words that I've noticed that I didn't expressly say in any of the five or so posts that I've made on the subject in the last two weeks:

"It will never be the place it once was...I think that is what bums me out more then anything else. They will open a new one in campus town and another in Des Moines...but it will never be "Peoples"...our version of Cheers. So many memories forgotten over a few teas or one to many mugs."

Personally, I can only liken it to the feeling of going to your hometown after your folks have moved(3). You can drive around and see familiar sites, you can stay with old friends (in the case of Ames this would be Paddies, Cy's Roost, and Welch Ave Station), but there will always be a feeling that time has passed and things are now different - this isn't your home any more. I felt that way when I first drove past the house I grew up in and I think I'll feel that way next time in Ames and see a new banner over the door at the corner of Welch and Lincoln Way.

Of course the new place will probably have doors in the bathroom(4) so maybe change isn't all bad.

Oh yeah, Huff's souvenir showed up in the mail today. It was a CD with all 3 hours and 18 minutes of music and memories from that last night. How cool is that!?! I've only spot listened to it off on and on tonight but it's great. It features the best Nad's covers (Vineyard by Jackopierce, Indiana by The Samples, and even Sonia Dada's Lover Lover(5)), hours of the live show that I've missed so much the past couple years and even a new song that wrote specifically for that night - "Goodnight Girl".

Huff's delivery also included this - apparently a personified People's obituary:

Click here for full size

One other thing in today's note from Paiz, he has the recordings from "Top Night at People's #3". Outstanding.

(1)Crazy AGRs. (2)Reminds me of the last night in the old Fratter on Welch. (3)My folks moved 1 semester after I started college. (4)Anyone who remember Barnett's 21st Birthday will understand the importance of such an upgrade (5) That's for you, Austin.