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Last Comic Standing Premier

Geoff Wood

As I mentioned in one of my few posts last year, Last Comic Standing is one of the only talent-competition reality shows that we've ever watched(1). Season Five premiered tonight(2) and appeared to be more of the same pattern that developed last year where they took "real" comedians that I've heard on national radio and kept them out of the competition for some folks that apparently make for better TV. It kinda makes it hard for this to be considered "the search for the funniest person in America" when they axe so many folks with notably talent at the first cut.

Of the Bob & Tom troupe, they audition Roy Wood, Jr(3), Costaki Economopolous(4), and Ralph Harris.

The latter was the only one to move on. Rick-diculous.

(1)For some reason we spent way too much time watching the "Grease: You're the One that I want!" this Spring. (2) So did "Rescue Me" - excellent. (3)No relation. (4)Most likely spelled wrong.