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Bryant (heart) Venus

Geoff Wood

I usually don't pay much attention to celebrity relationships but I was reading an article over at this morning and saw that apparently Vikings mammoth OT Bryant "Mount" McKinnie is now dating tennis superstar Venus Williams.

There are probably lots of jokes to make comparing a man nicknamed after a large vertical landmass to a woman named after a planet(1) but I was amused by the route the VU writer took with it:

"The question now is whether McKinnie will fly to England to watch Venus play at Wimbledon. That would be a site to see, because typically the crowd shot of the significant other at a tennis match is usually a twiggy blonde sitting in the stands as the supermodel arm candy of a men’s tennis player. The strawberries-and-cream crowd might not be ready for a 6-8, 340-pound boyfriend sitting in the “significant other’s box.” But if he does go, it should continue to make news."

Unfortunately, even the thought of that spetacle is not enough to motivate me to sit through tennis on TV.

(1)The planet of course named after a Roman diety.