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School is Hard

Geoff Wood

Alright, so grad school hasn't started, yet. However, my acceptance to IU for the fall is conditional on successfully completing two online pass/fail prereq courses this summer(1). I started the first of these last week and it's a lot tougher than I expected.

It could be for a variety of reasons:

1. I'm less smart now that I used to be.

2. I never really developed any study habits in my first 17 years of formal education.

3. I feel like I "should" know how to do this stuff - most of the class has to do with Excel and I've been using spreadsheets since my folks brought home Appleworks for the Apple IIe in the early 80's(2)

4. The fact I skirted statistics in undergrad at ISU. It was my last semester and I only cared about finishing school and getting to People's on Friday afternoons. I'm almost lamenting the fact that I pretty much mooched all my short term statistics knowledge of f Nick at the time. The probability that I can utilize anything I retained from that class in my class today x=.01(3).

Hopefully Accounting (a class that I never took in undergrad) will be easier next month.

(1) Apparently only necessary since I graduated college (what feels like) decades ago. (2) Not completely true, when they brought that green-screened machine home I started with Oregon Trail. Appleworks took root about 6th grade when I figured out that I could get out of hand-drawing charts and graphs by impressing my teachers with print outs. (3) The best statistics joke I could come up with at 12:30 AM EDT.