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Geoff Wood

A lot's been said about the wonders that Athletics Director Jamie Pollard is doing to not only make Iowa State financially competitive in the Big 12 but a regular contender for conference titles in each sport. He's obviously got a way to go in certain sports (ah hem, football) but he's putting the pieces together. He recognizes that football "drives the bus" but isn't content with mediocrity in any of the Olympic sports, either.

I submit for your consideration three separate articles published today in three separate newspapers:

Omaha World-Herald: ISU's Pollard seeks to spread the wealth
An article about how Jamie is challenging the conference to think a bit differently than they have in the past and work to elevate the entire league rather than just the marquee programs. This article appears in a publication published in the city with the largest group of supporters of one of our main conference rivals.

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Pollard: Iowa-ISU rivalry 'a chess match'
This article is about how Jamie views our the rivalry with the Hawkeyes, our biggest rival. It also happens to publicize a big event the AD is hosting later this week. This article appears in the Cedar Rapids paper which has a similar relationship to the Univ of Iowa as Omaha does to Univ of Nebraska.

Des Moines Register: Track and field coaching shakeup at Iowa State
This article is in response to a press release that the AD released today. It's not as positive as the others (typical DM Register style) but when you really look into it you see that Jamie wasn't afraid to part with 90 years of track and field experience that hadn't been performing in order to regain prominence in this non-revenue sport. This is on top of the dismissal of Morgan, the forced resignation of McCarney and the forced retirement of Douglas (the coaches of the top 3 programs at the school) in the last year. Of course, in the case of Track & Field, it doesn't hurt that Jamie won a national title on his own in his collegiate days.

To Jamie's credit, he's motivated Hope and I to step up a bit this year, too. We raised our giving amount to the National Cyclone Club by 1.5 times (we started pretty low) and purchased an additional two season football tickets.