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Hoosier? Me-sier.

Geoff Wood

"Who's here? Who's her? Hoosier? What the.. " has the been quote tag on this site since I started it a couple years ago.

It's a subtle reference to my lack of understanding of the term "Hoosier" as well as how or why it became a substitute for the more logical, yet harder to say, "Indianan".

Anyway, this weekend as I switched the URL of the blog to it's current (1), I realized that I hadn't mentioned the fact that a couple weeks ago I started my MBA at Indiana University (and thus became a "Hoosier" two-fold).

I do find it a bit confusing that residents of Indiana are Hoosiers and Indiana University students are Hoosiers. I've questioned a few of my friends who are Purdue grads to see if they have conflicting feelings about being both Hoosiers (in the resident sense) and Boilers (in the alumni sense) and they don't seem to understand why I would even ask. I always tell them if residents of Iowa were commonly reffered to as Hawkeyes rather than Iowans I would be disgusted. They still didn't get it. Just another example of why the Purdue-IU rivalry is nothing compared to that of Iowa State-Iowa.

Back to the point, I did start my MBA studies. I'm starting with a couple online pre-reqs this summer and my regular classes (evenings, two nights per week) start in late August. I won't be finished until 2010(2)!

(1) You obviously know this since you're reading this post. (2)This year doesn't even seem real, rather just some ambiguous date thrown out that's meant to imply very far in the future.