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Paul Shirley - Cyclone Fan?

Geoff Wood

I've mentioned former Cyclone Paul Shirley several times on this blog(1) and he's out promoting his book on the radio and the internet these days. Several Cyclone fans have pointed out that he's doing a lot of bagging on ISU and Ames and are none-to-happy about it. I'm about halfway through the book and enjoying it so I'm choosing to abstain from listening to any of the interviews lest it spoil my opinion of Mr. Shirley before I finish.

Paul Clark, the editor over at, had this to say about it today:

And Don't Call Me Shirley

I have to admit, Paul Shirley's stream of putdowns aimed at Iowa State is wearing awfully thin with me. I know the guy is just trying to sell books, but at what point does profit motive completely trump sense of loyalty? We know you grew up in Kansas and would have loved to play for the Jayhawks. But they didn't want you and Iowa State did. Shouldn't that count for something? It does in my world. You attended ISU on someone else's dime and you were a great student and a good basketball player. So kudos for holding up your end of that bargain. But you're quickly running out of friends in Cyclone Country and the more you talk, the fewer you have.Iowa State gave you the opportunity to even be in position to write your book, to pen your blogs, to leverage a marginal basketball career into something amusing and entertaining. Sure ISU had a lot of player turnover when you were there. Sure some of your teammates weren't exactly classroom champions. Sure your head coach had issues and demons and sure Ames isn't Monte Carlo. But look at it this way: would you have rather played at Washburn? You weren't good enough to treat the alma mater the way you are doing publicly these days. If you want to sell out on being a Cyclone to cash in on the book selling circuit, no one can stop you. Just be aware, that's what you are doing, and you're alienating a lot of fans in the process.

Ouch. I knew that Shirley was up to something when he appeared as a Hawkeye player in Glory Road.

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