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The Triumphant Return of Team KEG

Geoff Wood

After three consecutive weeks of rainouts we finally had opening day for the Circle City Athletics 2007 Kickball season a little over a week ago. It was quite the spectacle and included a parade with Payton Manning as Grand Marshall, fireworks over the White River and an opening pitch rolled out by Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson (1).

Team KEG won paper-rock-scissors and chose to take the field. Most of last year’s team returned and featured Hope's first game at pitcher and myself at the other side of the 2-Bag playing second. We did lose one All-Star from last year’s squad (2) to a pre-kickball tear of the Achilles’ tendon but he made an appearance on the sideline:

I’ll keep the play-by-play short, but we went down a run early and that lasted most of the game. We came back in the seventh (and last) inning as I took advantage of an error by the right field to come home for the tie. After a twenty minute break for our official (3) to ask the league if we had enough time to play extra innings, we resumed the game and held our opponents for two innings. In the bottom of the ninth we were able to reel in the “W”.

Hope and I missed the game last week (4) to attend a retreat with our small group from church and unfortunately Team KEG dropped a close one. It prompted a call for “practice” (5) which is something we’ve done our best to avoid.

1. None of this happened. 2. I like to refer to him as the “Gym Class Hero” 3. He was completely ridiculous, I think he believed he was calling a World Series game, not a beer-league kickball get together. (4)And the NFL draft, eck. 5. This may or may not happen.