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Moment's in Cyclone Nation lore

Geoff Wood

I started to include this in the earlier blog on Paul Shirley but it was getting lengthy so I thought I'd break it out(1):

While we're on the subject in addition to Paul's tears, here are five other events that I will always consider to be notable events in Cyclone Nation(2) (basketball) lore:

1. The 1 point loss to KU in Lawrence were they Jayhawks were allowed to rebound the first shot of a Jared Homan two-shot free throw, take the ball down the court undefended and shoot a three - and the officials counted it!

2. A young Jared Homan erupting from the end of the bench at CU to stand up to current Pacer (and jerk) David Harrison who was talking smack chest-to-chest with Eustachy. Larry later joked "I'm just glad I have Homan as my bodyguard. I thought he came off the bench like someone was stealing his cow or something."(3)

3. The 2000 or 2001 loss to Missouri in triple overtime

4. The end of the win over Iowa in the first year of the Alford administration when admist the hype of how Steve was going to take the Hawkeyes to the national title(4) when Marcus Fizer made a "Coach Eustachy is #1" written sign for all the cameras.

5. The fact that Jamaal Tinsley won all but 5 games in his two years as a Cyclone. He was undeafeated at home and all were either in overtime or in tournaments.

1. If you're confused, feel free to reread (2)I prefer (3)Homan grew up on a dairy farm in Northwest Iowa. (4)Now defunct