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In honor of our second wedding anniversary(1) Hope and I decided to take a quick trip to Cleveland this past weekend. A couple years ago, when we moved to Indy we decided we wanted to do as many weekend getaways to drivable locales as possible and this if officially our third(2).

The main goal of the trip was to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hope had the chance to visit it breifly several years ago when she was in town for a confernece. I had never had the chance but can remember wanting to go since 1996 when my FMA buddies and I briefly tried to talk our folks into letting us drive across country(3) for Spring Break of our junior year of high school.
The Hall of Fame was an enjoyable visit - though I feel like we hurried through it. At some point I'd like to go back and look more closely at many of the historical rock artifacts. I was especially impressed by John Lennon's handwritten notes for the song "In My Life" which has long been my favorite Beatles song. It was also neat to see the movie that showed footage of all inductees and played music from most of them - in particular I enjoyed seeing The Band(4).

I was a little dissapointed in the large exhibitions. They had one each on the Van's Warped Tour, Pink Floyd, The Clash, and the artist Phillip Burke. I would rather have seen several of the past exhibits like Dylan, the musical Tommy, or John Lennon. The Pink Floyd exhibit was part of the stage set for 90's concert featuring The Wall; it actually had us walk through the bricks and featured a 25' version of "the teacher". The Burke exhibition was my favorite of the four. I wasn't familiar with his work but I really enjoyed his work. We even purchased a HOF edition print of this one:
After the HOF we decided to hit up an Irish pub to have some dinner, drink some Guinness and reminsce about our honeymoon. I found Flannery's Pub online and it looked like a place that would work. We had a little trouble finding the place and were just getting ready to turn around when we heard some bagpipes. Flannery's was a lot of fun and we struck up a conversation with the couple next to us, Charlie & Kristin, who were in town to visit the HOF from New York. We had a great time and the four of us nearly closed down the bar.(5) I also decided a Guinness or two into the night that it would be fun to collect t-shirts from Irish pubs and $20 later I have successfully collected one.

(1)March 12, 2007 (2)Cincinatti, OH in June 2005 and Louisville, KY in September 2006 (3)580 mi per GoogleMaps (4) Too much Robbie Robertson though, as expected (5)Thanks to DST they closed early