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I live by a code

Geoff Wood

I know that title's a bit of a cliche but on the drive to Ohio this weekend I decided it's true for me.

I don't recall the specifics of what brought it to my attention but with 48 hours of reflection off and on I think it starts with this item:

1. Anytime I'm in a public bathroom, I check the valve on top of the urinal. In all my life, I've found each one is made by one of two companies: Zurn and Sloan(1). It's an obscure peice of Americana that ties the states together. As far as I can remember, I've only discussed this two times in my life. The impetus for this tenant of the code was a discussion with a high school friend, Tom, (2) who if memory serves likely made the discovery. The second time was with a pledge brother, Ryan, who really took to the idea and I know will check the urinal cap from time to time on his own.

(1) If I understood how to invest in individual stocks and not just mutual funds and the like, I think I'd invest in these two companies - they appear to have a stranglehold an industry that is needed everywhere. (2)I haven't seen or thought about Tom in years, last I knew he was studying law at UVA