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Geoff Wood

I don't drink coffee. I've never drank coffee. I'm not really sure of the reason other than I have such a love for soda(1) that I never saw the need to add another vice to my life(2). Also, Starbucks didn't come to Iowa until after I was out of college which seems to be the time period when one picks up trendy habits like going to Starbucks and drinking coffee.

In that vein, both Hope and I have been doing a bit of studying lately(3) and that has driven me out of the house(4) on a regular basis and into the aforementioned coffee shop. Its been about three weeks and I still can't bring myself to order "cappuccino" or "espresso" or even, yep, "coffee". I have found that Chai Tea Latte is an excellent beverage. I do have the lingo(5) down; yet I'm having fundamental problems reconciling the need to translate small, medium, or large into three words that all appear to be synonyms for "big".

In other trendy news Hope and I have become weekly patrons of Chipotle for a month or so. It's funny, back in Ankeny I could never get Hope to agree to go to Panchero's(6) but a Chipotle pops up on the route home from church and we're regulars. I recommend the fajita burrito with steak.

One trend that we haven't jumped on is talking on cell phones at the gym. This is one of those things that after you notice once you notice it everywhere. It started a couple weeks ago when I noticed that an old man a couple tread mills down was yammering loudly on his phone as he struggled to keep up the pace. I'm not sure it but it might have actually been Kenny Tarmac(7). This afternoon I noticed a woman sitting on a leg machine take a call. I don't think she'd started her workout yet but she stayed on that machine for at least the next 30-45 minutes talking until I left the place. Then I noticed a couple high school kids talking with two of the gym's staff members. All four of these guys had the bluetooth headset in their ears. Amazing. I can't imagine being at my job wiping sweat off of machines or duly entering customer numbers into a computer and having to stop to take a call and not be able to open the phone and put it to my ear. Well, that job seems to have low expectations so it makes a little sense. But what about the kids lifting? Who needs to take a call in the middle of your set? Who wants to? I try to get in and out of the gym as fast as possible(8). No calls allowed.

(1)Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi is a gift from God (2)Also one of the reason's I don't smoke (3)more on this later (4)Said house has my tivo and couch which are sworn enemies of studying (5) I die a bit inside each time I say "Tall Nonfat Chai Tea Latte" to a 16 year old 'barista' (6)Pretty much the same restaurant though the latter doesn't have near the marketing power of the former (7)A character from Bob and Tom. (8)Gyms, by and large are not fun places.