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37 Floors!

Geoff Wood

I've never had the desire or occasion to poll anyone on the number of flights of stairs they've ever climbed at one time. However, if the day ever comes where that specific question is asked of me, I won't hesitate to answer: 37.

A couple weeks ago(1) Hope and I entered an event to climb the stairs of the entire OneAmerica building in downtown Indy. The event, cleverly dubbed "Bop to the Top", is a fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital and apparently pitted 1100 of us hoosier-folk against each other to scale 806 steps. Like most "fitness events" this was done for fun(2).
The teams ranged in skill, fitness and age and included college kids decked out in the Ball State(3) competitve track attire, firefighters wearing their full protective gear, and several of us who were unmatched and out-of-shape. My favorite though was a fellow Iowa Stater who showed up in an old mustard yellow ISU t-shirt and a pair of red, yellow, and white zoobas.(4)
The two of us joined two of my co-workers to make up a team. Our goal was to finish and that we about all we did. Our team was organized by Alexe who's in the best shape of all of us by far(5) and kept telling us we'd all be done in 10 minutes. Hope and I didn't believe her(6) but as you can see below we didn't finish far off that. According to the IndyStar under 10 is the norm, which puts us on the wrong side of the average but I'm cool with it since we actually finished. Hope went slow on purpose to make sure I didn't fall too far behind, so her time would've been better if she was less nice.

Here's our official times:
17 CO:******** 0:40:29.1
ALEXANDRA ***** W 34 07:58.0
CALVIN ***** M 36 10:22.1
HOPE WOOD W 32(7) 11:00.4
GEOFF WOOD M 32 11:08.6

(1) The day before the SuperBowl. (2) Fun is a hard concept after floor 11 (3) "Boom goes the dynamite! (4) Yes, I'm surprised that these actually exist in 2007 (5) By far, she doesn't like to publicize it but she competed in the Sydney Olympics and cycled competitelvy. (6)She finished in under 8 (7) Hope and I are really only 28.