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Des Moines, Iowa


Two of My Favorite Cities in the News

Geoff Wood

I was recently forwarded two articles in the national (read: online) news about some of favorite cities:

The New York Times profiled Des Moines in it's travel section; image that, New Yorkers looking at lowly Iowa as a place to visit. It's couched in the "first in the nation caucus" talk but a good write up, nonetheless. Oh yeah, and I agree with it, too. Downtown Des Moines has changed a lot in the last couple of years and I really enjoy it. In the Spotlight, Ready for Its Close-Up

Men's Health published a report on on the drunkest cities in America and my former short term residence, Omaha, Nebraska, comes in at 4th most drunk.(1) I don't have any historical background but I feel that it should be noted that this comes in a year when the Husker's were so bad they decided to fire their football coach. What else are (most) Nebraskans to do?

Men's Health on Metrogrades: The Drunkest Cities

(1) Des Moines is 54th, just edging Indianapolis at 53rd, wayyyy less drunk than Nebraska.