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My Ten Year High School Reunion

Geoff Wood

Over Thanksgiving Weekend, Hope and I roadtripped from my folks place in Arkansas back to Cedar Rapids for my Ten Year High School Reunion.

The reunion was over two nights, the first was a casual night at the bar(1) and the second was a more formal reception at the Crowne Plaza downtown. Both nights were interesting; I readily recognized some people, others looked familiar but I couldn't think of their names, others had names that I recognized but looked totally unfamiliar, and still others were completely foreign to me and I'm not sure if they were really in my class.

I enjoyed both nights and really appreciate the folks that put it together. We did not have a five year reunion and our class officers(2) were apparently not interested or unable to be involved. I had a pretty good time and I'm probably more excited now for the twenty year event than I was before this one.

I didn't really do my part(3) and send in my information so that it could be compiled and distributed to everyone else, however, it's neat to read about what people are up to. People have moved coast-to-coast and others are still in town. Many people are married, some are not. Many have kids, some have several (I think the highest count was 4). Only one person submitted a narrative and it's by far my favorite:

"Greer, Sarah

Sarah is alive and well in New York City. She is a schooner captain and manager of a charter boat company in Chelsea. She has spent some time sailing off Maine, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean as well. Shoot me [an] email [if] you're in the big apple"

A schooner captain? Wow. This could be completely accurate or completely false. Either way, it's pretty awesome.

(1)"Third on First" which, as far as I know, is the only bar that Kennedy folk go to. (2)Apparently being elected class president is one of the few positions that obligates you to virtually nothing until ten-eleven years in the future. (3)other than showing up