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Iowa's Ferentz to Michigan?

Geoff Wood

Something's funny in Iowa City. For some reason mediocre performance at the University of Iowa is rewarded by consideration for bigger and better coaching gigs...or at least the national media supposition of such consideration.

It happened a few years ago with mens basketball coach Steve Alford, a great player and a less-than-great(1) coach, who was linked with the opening at his alma mater IU. I, like the chunk of America who are not sentimental Hoosier fans or sports columnists, said there is no way that a coach plagued with off the court problems and few wins at Iowa gets rewarded with the top job at one of the most storied programs in the country. And, he didn't.

Now, the big story is that Iowa's football coach, Kirk Ferentz, is the top candidate for the job at Michigan. Really? He's one game over five hundred over the last three years and ended this season with a home loss to Western Michigan. He's had more than his share of off the field player issues in his tenure, too, and, of course, there was that whole "I'm the highest paid employee in the state and my son's coach but I had no idea he was defrauding the government and the poor of Eastern Iowa by living in federally subsidized housing" issue a couple years ago.

But, I s'pose it could happen. I'm not sure if I'm for or against it. Kirk was an early hero in Iowa City when he took advantage of the statistical ease of winning the minor share of a Big Ten Conference Championship or two. But, he's been on the rough end of a whole lot of Cyclone victories which is personal fun.

Here's a good link from a newspaper columnist in Michigan who see's the absurdity of the "Ferentz to Michigan" talk.

(1)Or "less-than-good coach"