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Follow Up on Mr. Favre

Geoff Wood

Just a quick follow up to this:

"I'm not sure the exact timing, probably shortly after half, but the "calm" watching of the game left me - because of Brett Favre. I was able to ignore most of the Favre superlatives until the old man takes off on a run and decides to slide at the last second (while two Viking defenders are on top of him). Immediately the officials throw a couple flags and the replay shows that the defenders barely touched Favre. It certainly wasn't helmet-to-helmet or anything vicious. Result? 15 yard penalty on the Vikings for unsportsman-like conduct. Sweet. Does this happen so automatically with any other QB? No (despite what Packer fans or the NFL will proclaim)."

I thought the penalty was overboard but the NFL decided to exacerbate it a bit and fined the Vikings defender involved in the play, one Kenechi Udeze, $7,500 for his involvement. Geesh.

Kenechi appears surprised, too:

“That wasn’t a dirty play and I thought that wasn’t one that was looked at from my point of view because in no way or shape or form was I trying to go after him or hit him on the head,” Udeze explained. “What happened was Brett didn’t see me coming. He was kind of scouting out the play action and Chad [Greenway] had cut off his angle.

“He turned into me and he didn’t see me. All I can do as a defensive player is try to avoid him because I saw him going down at the last second. … So he went down and I was trying to jump over and avoid him. When I did it, my hand went over his head and hit him. It’s funny because two plays later he was smiling at me.”

He's appealed the fine, as he should. Let's see if the NFL can get this one right on "replay."