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Super Colts!

Geoff Wood

The above was the IndyStar headline following the Colts win over the Patriots in the AFC championship game last week.

I'm not particularly a Colts fan but don't real have a dog in any AFC fight so I figured it was time to get on the bandwagon - for this year anyway. After all, we do live here and that I believe that is was one of the allowables for altering sports affiliations(1).

It's really interesting to be this close to the biggest event in sports. The Vikes came close twice in not-so-recent years (1998 and 2000 losses in the NFC championship game) but I've never lived in the Twin Cities, so it's not quite the same. The closest thing may have been the Elite 8 run by Larry Eustachy's Cyclone in the 2000 NCAA tourney(2). I was on South Padre Island with 46 of my closest brothers(3) for Spring Break and the Cyclones were the talk of the dance with a legitate shot to win it all.

Its interesting to sit back and take a subject look at it how this event is affecting the city as an outsider. I've seen the minor things like the "Go Colts!" signs on most businesses and the Colts tie on our Senior Minister tonight at church(4). I've also seen the ridiculous like the morning weather man wearing a Dwight Freeney jersey over his suit while misrepresenting the amount of snow we're going to get. There's also some cute stories out there like the alcohol distributer that gave everyone the day off the day after the Super Bowl(5).

I'm only in town a couple days this week but I'm looking forward to what other things people come up with.(6)

(1) Supporting the Colts for two weeks in no way affects my allegance to the Vikings. I even wore my Kevin Williams jersey to the gamewatch against the Patriots - much to the confusion of the other attendees. (2) I realize the NCAA tourney is a collegiate basketball event not pro football but it's one of my top five teams/leagues to follow (Iowa State/NCAA Football, Vikings NFL, Iowa State/NCAA basketball, Twins/MLB, Iowa State/NCAA Wrestling in pretty much that order) and I'm sure I'd be elated by a national/super bowl/world series title in any of them. (3) 2 or 3 annoying girls came, too. (4) He lead a prayer for the Colts win the playoffs started - which is odd since I know that he spent most of his life in South Dakota. (5)they each got a six pack of Blue Moon, too. (6) I'm reading a new book by my favorite author Chuck Klosterman who footnotes everything and I thought I'd try it out for a while.