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Guaranteed Win

Geoff Wood

Another quick note on the Colt-effect sweeping through town:

I just got back from grabbing lunch from my favorite Chinese take out place next to the office and the proprietor, Tam, broached the subject with me. I wasn't even wearing blue (1). He asked if I thought they'd win and I came back with a noncommittal "it'd be great if they did". I asked his opinion and he guaranteed the 'W'.

The only reason I note this is because he's never said anything to me besides "General Tso's Chicken?"(2) and "You want drink with that?". It's amazing what a winning team can do for community camaraderie.

(1) It's "Super Blue Week" here in the Circle City. (2) The man is truly amazing, he either has a retinal-identification database that gets people when they walk through the door or somesort of amazing photographic memory 'cause he knows everyone's order. It's to the point now that I don't order anything different for fear of upsetting him.