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Geoff Wood

So, for a little recreation this summer Hope and I joined a kickball league in Broad Ripple Park. Yep, kickball. None of us had played since elementary school but we've had a fun time figuring it out.

We had two games in April and dropped them both by one run. I missed the game last weekend when I was back in Cedar Rapids for the NFL Draft party but the team won 3-0. Apparently my skills as a shortstop were not missed.

This weekend was our best game so far. We won 12-2. We held them to nothing for the top of the first and then I was the first run in in the botton of the inning. In the second through sixth we piled on the runs. I had two RBI's (r-k-i's?) and was left on once. The three at-bats where I got on base were singles (I don't have wheels, so much). In the last one, I got a bit cocky. Hope kicked after me and she got a single. They tried to throw me out at second and missed so I went for third. The ball was in left field and I watched the left fielder grab it so I tried to speed up a notch (once again, no wheels) to beat the throw to bag. Our third base coach didn't give me a signal so I turned to look for the ball. The left fielder had it and was ready to throw. I figured I had it made and then I thought to myself "he's going to throw at me". I beared down and next thing I know the big red ball bounced of my shoulder. I thought "he did throw at me!" and I was out. Ouch, that's a bit embarassing.

The other team was still scoreless heading into their last side. They got a run from us and then we got two outs. With runners on first and second I got the ball and decided to make up for getting thrown out earlier by tagging the girl running to third. Not so much, I threw it and missed over her right shoulder. The third basemen and I ran after it (no fences in this league) grabbed it to stop the other runner on third, however the girl I missed made it home.

It wasn't my best game but its a great time. If we keep on this winning streak, maybe we'll push for the national title.

Our league's not real quick updating the standings but feel free to follow along with Team KEG in the power rankings