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Des Moines, Iowa


My warped sense of time

Geoff Wood

I think Indiana is having an effect on me.

I only lived here through one of those "30 plus" years of Indiana not observing daylight savings, but I think its having an effect on me. Apparently, time now lasts longer (at least in my head).

Let me explain, last summer my firm renovated the third floor of our building (a former unfinished attic space in a renovated military barracks). Our building sits on a decomissioned Army base and as such we have architectural standards as to what exactly we can do to our buildling. One of those, is to remove or rebuild the staircases that lead to our newly remodeled floor. Consequently, every time I need to leave the floor (or get to the floor) I (and forty or so coworkers) ride an elevator. Our building is only three stories so the ride doesn't take long. Apologies for the long setup.

However, the wait for the elevator usually is long and as I wait I almost always run into somebody else who is waiting and then comes the inevitable small talk.

I've found that it happens so often that I've noticed I use the same phrase. What is that phrase, you ask? "It's been a long week" or when I'm feeling a little crazy "It's been a long day".

As I was leaving the office today I pondered why I revert to such a phrase. Not surprisingly, I didn't come up with any answers. What I did figure out is that it doesn't seem to matter what day of the week it is or what time of the day it is - I still use the phrase with out thinking. And, it's not that I don't like my job or find it boring. I'm the most motivated I've been in my eight years or so of corporate life. The only explaination? Time is getting longer. Eck!