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er, I meant "McDermott In!"

Geoff Wood

Well, conventional wisdom (otherwise known as all online media) were wrong. Jeter is staying at UW-M and ISU hired Northern Iowa's coach, Greg McDermott.

I must say I wasn't real impressed with the hire when I heard about it this morning. However, as the day advanced I've been coming around to it. Regardless, of my feelings it's official and I'll support the guy.

There is kinda of local Indy twist to the story since everyone (previously mentioned convential wisdom) I'd talked to back in Iowa had Greg penciled in to replace Steve Alford in Iowa City when the Hawkeyes got their wish and he went elsewhere (back home to Bloomington). This may mean that IU won't be calling Steve home, hence no open position for Greg to take at UI (but that would mean he'd prefer UI to ISU and that's just silly).