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Morgan out! Jeter in?

Geoff Wood

ISU didn't make the tourney this year but we weren't content letting UNI and Iowa get all the headlines. It started with CBS Sportsline's scheduling non-scandal on Tuesday, followed later that evening by star guards Will Blalock and Curtis Stinson informing us they wouldn't be returning for next year. Two days later, our athletic director Jamie Pollard fired coach Wayne Morgan, citing that he wasn't the man to take the Cyclones to the top.

Tonight, it looks like first year University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee coach Rob Jeter has been chosen to be our next coach. The internet reaction seems mixed though most seem positive about Jeter. He's young and comes from a proven staff assistanting Bo Ryan in Madison. However, he's only had one year as a head coach (finishing with a first round NCAA upset of Oklahoma) and he took over a program that had senior leadership and had gone to the Sweet 16 the year prior. Apparently Pollard and Jeter worked together at Wisconsin for four years so he certainly knows what he's going to get.

I pulled an interesting post of the other day. It was from someone who's been following the Cyclones for about the same time period as me (1996-present) chronicalling all the wacky stuff that's happened around Hilton Coliseium:

  • Kenny Pratt gets arrested and the ISU Daily prints a transcript. I remember reading that in that the Daily at the time, I'm still amazed (newsworthy?) it was printed.
  • Tim Floyd signs one of the top recruiting classes in the country, including our first (and only) McDonald's All-American Marcus Fizer.
  • Other than Martin Rancik & Fizer, nobody else in that top class plays any meaningful time for ISU.
  • Floyd jumps to the NBA and gets his buddy Larry Eustachy hired to take over in Ames.
  • ACC Freshman of the Year Travis Spivey transfers from Georgia Tech to Iowa State.
  • Travis Spivey is dismissed from the team before he ever plays for date rape
  • An amazing run to the Big 12 regular season and tournament titles by both the men and women's teams
  • A "block/charge" or "blarge" call on Paul Shirley during an Elite 8 loss to Michigan State at a neutral site in Michigan.
  • Another Big 12 season title followed up by opening round losses to Baylor and Hampton in the conference and NCAA tourney, respectively.
  • Failure to follow up these two years with any respectable recruiting classes.
  • Pretty soon everyone on campus has a "Drinking with the Coach Story"
  • Shane Power, popular starter for the team, leaves the program unexplicably. A few years later, stories told over beers connect this to the previous item.
  • Assistant Coach sent to jail for child porn.
  • Eustachy fired for partying too much with college-age kids.
  • Several players skip their finals as a form of protest.
  • Freshman Adam Haluska, who committed to the Cyclones three years earlier, is placed on the committee to select the new coach.
  • The MBB head coaching position is turned down by Jeff Lebo's wife.
  • We hire the only person willing to take the job, who was endorsed by Haluska and his Dad.
  • Everyone hears that Haluska will transfer.
  • Haluska goes on Des Moines TV and tells the state he "never considered leaving" and it was all internet rumors.
  • 7 days later he transfers to our in-state rival.
  • An incredibly long road conference losing streak, where we invented new ways to lose games.
  • Our new coach starts to turn things around.
  • Kansas is allowed to make a shot, undefended, in between the first and second of two free throws. We lose the game by 1 point.
  • For some reason we recruit a 400 lb. basketball player.
  • The program looks great we follow up a run to the final four of the NIT with a second round NCAA loss to the eventual national champion.
  • The next year we lose an exhibition game, at home to Iona and all but one game we played on a Saturday - things have completely collapsed.
  • CBS implicates Iowa State in a recruiting scandal though they write a story about scheduling. Not to mention they don't have any recruits/players tied to said scandal.