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Culpepper to Miami

Geoff Wood

One year or so after the Vikings did the unthinkable and traded the most prolific wide reciever in football they traded one of the best (although massively injured) quarterbacks. Its leaves some to wonder what the heck the Vikings are thinking.

I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm somewhat numb to trades after the shipping of Moss last year or the fact that Daunte was such a baby this past season (and off-season) but I'm not upset in the least.

Like most Vikings fans, I thought that Culpepper & Moss were the key to get the team back to the Super Bowl. However they couldn't accomplish that in five or six seasons together so its not like its a sure bet to ever happen. I am impressed by the overall talent in Minnesota (re-signing Koren Robinson was big!) and I'm excited by what new coach Brad Childress brings to the team. Like most folks, I'm worried about the longevity of Brad Johnson (remember when we traded him to Washington so we could draft Daunte? Oh, the irony) and the reserves behind him. It should make for an interesting draft party.