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The "Lazy" Rap Battle

Geoff Wood

So, by now you've most likely heard of the "Chronic-what-cles of Narnia" rap (officially called "Lazy Sunday") done by Chris Parnell & Andy Samberg of SNL. We were floored by its creativity (and think its the best thing SNL has done in some time)and I (like most of America) posted it on my blog right after..

Tonight I saw a news article that a couple guys out in California thought the rap was too East Coast and decided to put out their own West Coast version to revive the supposed East Coast/West Coast rap battle from the early 90's that few people remember (and fewer people care about).

Their video is supposed to be a direct response to the SNL video and pretty funny in its own right:

Mark Feuerstein was on the short-lived "Good Morning Miami" sitcom a few years back. I'm pretty sure that I watched every episode of it back to back to back on the flight home from Dublin.

Anyway, a couple folks threw in a midwest response. This one is definitely low budget, but deserves mention since the kids are from Des Moines:

Indiana must be growing on me because this next one is my favorite. It's from some guys in Muncie, home of Ball State University, not too far from us up I-69 from Indianapolis. You may want to turn down your speakers if you're at work since the don't go "easy of the swears"*

There are a ton more out there, if you're bored feel free to search on "lazy, parody" at

*I apologize for the bad Will Smith reference.