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Weddings and Wedding Crashers

Geoff Wood

One negative of making the move to Indy last year is that we knew it would be tough to make the all the weddings we get invited to attend. We had to turn down every one so far (save our own) until this past weekend when my brother Joe married his fiancé Mary. I once again was called upon for my superb ushering skill. I was a little disappointed that the minister failed to crack a single “Joseph and Mary” joke in his sermon. If that was my calling, I just think it would make my year. After all, how many claim that officiated the wedding of Mary to Joseph? My cousin Justin and I discussed this – he’s a recent seminary grad and he assured me that had he been performing the ceremony he would’ve gone for the punchline.

Hope and I stayed in Urbandale for the weekend with our friends Kerry & Renee. I was on the road the previous week for work so I didn’t have much of a chance to check in with them ahead of time and all four of us had a lot going on so we didn’t really get the chance to talk until Saturday morning. Kerry made Hope and I some chocolate chip waffles (good stuff) and he asked us where the wedding reception was to be that evening and we told him it was at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. Surprisingly, we found out that he and Renee would also be attending a wedding reception that evening at the same hotel. Coincidence? There are lots of reception halls in Greater Des Moines and we wind up at the same one as our hosts. Our two receptions turned out to be across the hall from one another. Ours wound down a bit as theirs picked up so they “crashed” ours to invite us to theirs. We obliged. Fun was had, good times.

As I said before I was on the road most of last week, I flew in to DSM on Tuesday and stayed through the weekend. Hope drove up on Friday to meet me for the weekend and we drove back together on Sunday. Less than 12 hours after arriving in Indy I was back at the airport preparing to leave for Kansas City. Not real good thinking on my part – I drove 7 hours from Des Moines to Indy just to fly for 4 hours to wind up 3 hours from where I started. Whew! I’m in Kansas this whole week and then make my way back to Des Moines for a second consecutive wedding weekend. Hope is again driving up and to meet me so we can do that part of the drill again. Not fun.

I wasn’t sure what to do last evening. Usually, when I’m on the road I try and get together in the evening with any friends in the area. For some reason unknown to me I put that off this trip. It’s not that I don’t know anybody in KC, there are plenty Iowa Staters down here (Huff, Sunshine, Ryan Jensen, Becker, etc.) but nobody I’ve kept up with real closely the last 12 months or so, so instead I decided to see take in a movie by myself.

I found a theater down the road and decided I didn’t really have a choice in flicks – I must see “Wedding Crashers”. I must say…it…was…awesome! I love stupid comedies with lots of crass humor. This movie is a shining example of how good a Ben Stiller flick can be when you remove Ben Stiller. I’ve grown to despise that man and the two characters he can play. Conversely, I really like the other actors that appear in his films (e.g. Owen Wilson, Vince Vaugh, Will Ferrell) even though they don’t really stretch their acting abilities much, either.