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Crazy movie weekend

Geoff Wood

On Sunday I watched to very different films. First, Hope and I went to see Crash in the theater. This one doesn't seem to be getting much of the summer movie hype, but it was pretty darn good. It's not a feel good story, by any means, actually its rather quite disturbing. The film charts several people in LA as their lives interact with each other, both knowingly and unknowlingly and shows out their ignorance gets the better of each of them.

Later that day I caught Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on TV. What a weird movie. It operates on the premise that there is a technology out there that will allow you to completly eliminate your memories of a certain person. So, in the case of the movie, after a break up of a relationship you can eliminate the memories of your significant other rather than suffer heartbreak and pain. Interesting concept. Weird movie.

On an exciting movie note, the theater had ads for the 2 disk collectors edition of Spaceballs. Outstanding. May the Schwartz be with you...