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Here's my obligatory "it's been a month since I've posted" post. Time flies. I s'pose I have some degree of excuse since I spent two weeks with Hope in Ireland and the UK gettin' hitched.

I should probably chronicle the trip here but I'm tried of repeating the stories, so I'll just give you the "short-short" version.

Broken plane, missed flight, unexpected stop in London, Guiness, driving on the left side of the road, running wedding errands, gettin' hitched , dollar down against the pound, expensive hotels, no washclothes, dollar down agains the euro, Limerick City, Ring of Kerry, Dublin, St. Patricks Day, Temple Bar, Irish stew, more Guiness, double-decker bus, Rugby, more old buildings, uncomfortable flight, delay in Chicago, back to Indy.

That's the gist. Good times.

Congrats on the 'Clones picking up a Big 12 tourney and NCAA tourney win while we were gone.