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Geoff Wood

Well, I made my first trip to the Indiana BMV yesterday and walked away with a shiny new license. All it took was a written test, a utility bill to prove my Indianapolis address, my passport, my social security card and surrendering my Iowa DL. I passed the test on the first try, which is good since the last time I took a state-administered one I was 14 years old and I wasn't sure what to expect.

The last few years I've been vocal amongst my acquaintances in my opposition to government waste. This trip to the BMV was just another example. By Federal law the Hoosier government has to accept that the State of Iowa licensed me to operate a vehicle. They have passed their own law that says that new Indiana residents must get re-licensed within sixty days of moving here. That takes time, staff, and money from the state for no real reason. Why not have a federal standard for identification and licensing? In the sixty days since we moved here I've driven in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota. All on an Iowa DL. Tomorrow, I'll be in Utah with an Indiana DL. Wouldn't a federal standard make the most sense? Blah.

On the topic of stupid laws in Indiana: Hope was denied at Wal-Mart this afternoon. Indiana is one of the states that tries to play good with JC by not allowing it's residents to purchase alcohol on the Lord's day. While it may inconvenience us this evening at the SuperBowl party, I'm glad that our legislators are looking out for us in the end. When it comes to the rapture, I sure as he(ck) don't want to go down in flames with you others in heretic Iowa.

On to better things, the Cyclones took out their second ranked team in a week yesterday. Like the two previous games I followed on yahoo's gametracker and was very excited to see Will the Thrill tie the game in the last minutes sending it to overtime and the eventual win for the 'Clones. About, 1 billion streaks ended with that win: 39 conference road losses, ranked road losses, wins at Texas, UT home wins. Good stuff. Freshman Tasheed Carr played lights out.